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La Salumeria

La Salumeria is our cured meats and cheeses counter where you can discover imported salumi and formaggi from Italy together with fresh local picks. Discover fresh pasta like tagliatelle and ravioli crafted daily by our chefs, using the best Italian recipes. Lastly, catch a whiff of our freshly baked bread like our ciabatta or focaccia, or pick up a made to order panino for the best lunch break and be transported to an Italian Piazza.

Highlights: housemade bread, housemade fresh pasta, Italian cured meats and cheeses. 

Illy Caffe’

Everyone knows, an espresso is what you need after a delicious Italian lunch. We proudly serve Illy, a specialist in perfectly roasted and sustainable coffee. Whether you need to start your day or end your meal, come grab your cappuccino, latte or classic espresso to enjoy in our patio or to go.

Highlights: espresso, cappuccino, Italian coffee


The many tastes, sights, sounds and smells of our market!

Let the aroma of our freshly baked breads transport you to an Italian Piazza, while you sip and savor some freshly brewed Illy Coffee at our Caffe Station. Delight your sweet tooth with our Italian pastries at our pasticceria, or make your own gelato, available in different traditional and seasonal flavors at our gelato station. Spend your day exploring our little corner of Italy in Laguna Niguel and take home a little part of Italy with you from brands like Alessi and Illy.

La Pasticceria Il Gelato

Our pastry counter is ready to delight you. Think perfectly crafted little pastries, tiramisu,  chocolates and more delicious treats made fresh everyday by our pastry chefs to delight your senses or fulfill that indulgent craving. Every dessert is made following traditional recipes from the best Italian pasticceri or pastry master. And if you are in the mood for homemade gelato, we’ve got you covered too! Explore a variety of slow churned gelato and sorbet made in small batches with the best local and imported ingredients. 

Highlights: Tiramisu, Pasticcini, Desserts, chocolate truffles, gelato, sorbet.


Il Mercato

For our marketplace we’ve carefully curated each sauce, pasta, olive oil, traditional balsamic vinegar and chocolates. Fill up your pantry with this and much more by browsing between shelves or asking our experts. Il Mercato also offers a selection of Italian wines and beverages, tools for your kitchen and products for your personal care.


We also offer a variety of grab and go items such as housemade pasta sauces, fresh pasta, mozzarella and more. 


Highlights: pasta, olive oil, Italian pantry products, kitchenware, wine, chocolate.

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